2012-06-13 01:23:20 (UTC)

Book Club

It was just what was needed. A night out with some ladies who enjoyed eating and discussing a book. The book wasn't great but what book could follow up after the "Fifty Shades of Gray" trilogy. ANy how it was good to listen to the others critique the current book in the same manner as i had. Sometimes my insecurities get the best of me. It was good to hear some of the viewpoints of others.
We were supposed to meet in a skybox at a local stadium but it was rained out. So we went to a local brewery. It is relatively new in the area. No being a beer drinker I was happy to see they had a nice selection of wines. Their food was basic but creative sandwhiches and burgers. They also had tasty offerings for the vegetarians in the crowd. It is a definite on my revisit list.
The next book "The Weired Sisters" is on the menu. The resturaunt is my favorite Moxie's. A bit pricey but so worth it.
It was good to be out and enjoy the evening.

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