Diary of Naomi
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2012-06-12 10:52:09 (UTC)

Funny moments

Dear diary:
Today has been a good day, I woke up, thanked God for this wonderful day, brushed my teeth, had a bath, but didn't have the breakfast yet. I'm wondering why...? (The computer is the reason :D)

I remember those days when I used to weaving and embroidery, those were one of the few things I felt I was good in. Those things are speaking English (Because of my first language :Spanish) playing the flute, and writing (I think so).

Lol just remembered the day we went to USA (Mom, litle bro, and me) and I was trying to open the window of the air plane... My mom was like "Dude!! what the heck are you trying to do!" "Mom! is so hot in here!" "Hun! you cannot open the window! we'll die" "Oh.. never thought it...Sorry mom" hahaha and its really funny because it was my first trip and im 15 years! I should have known that before! hahaah #FunnyMoments!

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