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2012-06-12 13:56:52 (UTC)

Its hard to meet

Its been 1 week seeing him in my school. We really don't talk too often because I told him not to tell anyone about him courting me. I don't want anyone to know about it because I'm sure if the students know it they will tell the teachers and boom!!! my parents will know. They wont let me to have boyfriend now. They are a bit strict to me. My parents already know him for being my best friend and also my classmate. My mother is a friend of his mother. But they can't know about it because I'm really dead. Having a strict parents is hard especially when someone courting you. Until know I didn't answer him.

When we meet in the hallway or in the covered court we really don't talk to each other. He just smile at me and same I did. We can be together every breaks. I usually went to the library to meet with my friends, they are my friends last year and until now. They become close to me. While I'm waiting for that two to come I am reading my notes. Jonas is the one who arrived first and sit besides me. Then Richard arrived together with him. My two close friends are boys. I have one girl friend but she's with her other friend. My guy friends are funny and fun to be with. They are my classmates last year. Now they are classmates of him. While we are in the library we are just acting normal like a friend. But I don't know if he is also thinking about that. They sometimes tease us because we always together in the past. And now we are together again like a friend. When we meet we looked at each other and passed by without saying a word. He become more gentleman to me like in the past.

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