Life: Fucked up
2012-06-10 21:48:53 (UTC)


Hey girl.
I'm Hannah. I
'm 15 years old, but I look much older.
I have blonde hair, that I bleach. It's a little past shoulder length.
I'm overweight, and I'm working on fixing that, it's difficult when your body works against you.
I have blue eyes but they have a hint of yellow to them.
Right now I have a cut on my chin from my dog.
I have freckles, and a lot of them.
I have naturally straight teeth.
I have hair that has a mind of it's own.
I wear two bracelets every day. One is blue with white that says "Find A Cure" and one that it's a bead bracelet for my friend Jamey. It says "Jamey ♥ Paws Up ♥ Forever"
I bite my nails, it's a habit.
Normally I'll be wearing what ever I feel like depending on what I'm doing and such.
My moccasins and skel-a-toes are my favorite shoes right now, so i sport them often.
I have noticeable self harm bruises on my legs.
I wear way too much eye make-up.
I smell like coco- butter and sweet pea.
I wear way too much chapstick.