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2012-06-09 13:53:20 (UTC)

The day we meet

The opening of the class I felt nervous and excited. I'm nervous because I am going to see my best friend who just confess to me 2 weeks ago. I'm excited because I am going to meet my friends.

When we entered the school, we went straight to my other friends. I kept on looking around to see him but I can't. When I looked at my side I saw him sitting with his other friend not far away from us. I just acted that I don't see him and kept on talking with my other friends. He walked pass me. I just acted I didn't notice him. I didn't expected that Matt is the same section as mine. But we are now friends. In our orientation I am sitting next to Matt. The same as we are 2nd year some of my friends and classmates are teasing us. Before I forgot while we are going to our line, my best friend and I eye contact for about 5 second and walk away.

In recess, my friends and I went to the canteen. Unexpected, I saw him again. He smile at me and same I did to him. I am with my other friends talking not far away from him. I accidentally saw him. I don't know if he's looking at me but he's facing in our direction.

In break noon, I went to the place where my other friends are hanging out. I didn't know that he's also there. I just sit next to my guy friend who is close to me. My cousin, also my classmate and his friend, started to tease me about Matt again then she tease me to my best friend. Of course, I don't want anyone to know about the courting thing so I just told her that he has other crush. I looked at him and he smile then said "She also know who is my crush." He said. He is talking about me.

We chat at that night. He told me that he is jealous to Matt because he's my classmate then told me that I will change my section the same as him. But I said no. If I did that they will be suspicious about us. Reminder: We'r still not a couple.

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