Maukan teksti
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2012-06-08 03:07:45 (UTC)


Watched Nazo no Kanojo X

took a shower and read alchemist for a bit.
Complained about Driftmoon thing.
Watched Grimm.

Played some Glitch and watched Death Note.

Right now I feel like watching anime, playing tremulous or glitch.
I hope I'll mod Driftmoon at some point today, also did kind of think about doing the spelunky mod I used to think about doing.

Been playing salem a lot.

Haven't played Salem enough, instead been wasting my time watching some shit.
I sat thinking abut stuff for a while. I really should somehow fix my right hand. My phone's been off for a few months, I'd like to turn it on but the charger isn't plugged in so I "can't".
I think I'd like to either read or draw something. I wonder how many times have I heard most of Dir En Grey's songs, it wouldn't hurt to listen to something else, but I'm not sure what. Dinksmallwood just popped in my mind for some reason, I loved that game and I think it's been in my mind occasionally since I played that other old shareware game which name escapes me at the moment that I only had vague memories of until I decided to find it again a while ago. I'd really like to get Silver working now. Nothing more interesting in my mind atm.

Covert Affairs and Glitch

woops, I got the interview date wrong it's tomorrow instead of today.
Guilty Crown seems ok I might watch the rest of it later.
I should read some more Deadman Wonderland sometime, watched the last ep of the anime, I had forgotten what I liked about it since the manga was in a not so interesting part when I finished reading it.
Did I watch all of Darker Than Black? Can't remember.
I should watch the "new" evangelion remake someday.
Didn't watch Ao No Exorcist today, maybe some other day.
For some reason I feel like playing Chrono Trigger or something like it.
I think I'm getting tired of Glitch, I got all of the emblems so I should be able to get nearly all of the skills but without increasing Brain Capacity a lot or something I might be done early next year, probably even later. Although the ones that seem most useful would take abou 3 months or so.
I should watch more of Mirai Nikki, Moretsu Pirates, Nazo no Kanojo and HxH sometime. Also there's some new Eureka 7 thing.

since I'm not playing Salem(I should at least check out how the village is doing and say I won't be playing that much unless I end up playing a lot) or Glitch I'm not sure what to do.
I guess modding Driftmoon would be a sensible thing to do.

Didn't do much today, watched some Ao No Exorcist and played a bit of Tribes.
hardcoregaming101 is an interesting website, it makes me want to play some nes games, I never cared for them much since I don't like 8bit graphics that much(16bit ones are a completely different story though).

played Bangai-O and Away - Shuffle Dungeon
I might be interested in TL2.

I could try to figure out how to handle time passage in Driftmoon. Good starting point might be to just count the age of objects/bots in an hourly basis or so, if I can get that to work in a reasonable manner then it shouldn't be hard to add any further functionality, but I think I'd need to be somewhat careful to make sure performace if fine even with lots of stuff.
While there are lots of uses main one would be to "advance" time quickly on map enter.

Didn't do time stuff but did lots of tower spawning stuff.

Feeling restless suddenly While in the middle of modding, maybe a walk or a wank would help. Hmm also need a shower.

Tomorrow to Tuorla! Also need to mod more tomorrow.

TL2 Beta weekend thing! :)
But I kind of want to mod Driftmoon :/
Hopefully Ville is able to fix whatever was wrong with 1 of my maps.

Torchlight 2 beta weekend was kind of nice but I'm not sure if I'd want to play the full version.

TL2 beta finally ended, it was extended for a bit or something, anyway now I'm leaning on getting it when it's released, of course assuming I have enough money for it.

New Driftmoon version that I should check out, also should play some AVWW too.

oh some huge indie sale "Because we may". Might get Nyx Quest and maybe something else. Vessel seems interesting.


Kind of a weird day. I spent most of the time playing some shitty VN that I don't really like that much.

read civ4 thing

Nyx quest demo was quite nice, although felt a bit too linear(invisible walls above roofs :()
Shepherd's Slaughter was kind of interesting but combat was boring and weapon breaking unfun. The intro story was very awesome though as were the graphics.
Dark Scavenger seemed kind of boring and slightly weird adventure game with turn-based jrpg battles.

I hate summer... too hot.
I think I'll try to play Driftmoon since it has a new area, I have yet to even play the previous area. Hmm

Read Ai no Shintairiku which was nice but quite short, Ageha 100% I found boring so only read a few chs,

reread some of Akane-chan Overdrive since it seemed nice and I didn't really remember much about it. Also some Kubera.

Usotsuki Lily was readable, in the beginning it ws ok but later on it started to get too silly. Also the male lead has kind of disgusting worldview, to think I used to kind of think like that too...

Zombie is back! :o
finished watching Ao no Exorcist, it was ok I guess, but could have been a lot better.
Day Z is apparently cool but probably won't ever get around to playing it.
Hmmh there are apparently several kanji dictionaries for DS.
I wanted to mod Driftmoon today but never got around to it.
Watched 1st ep of Kanon. It also was a VN wasn't it? I could play that instead I suppose.

Played some tribes and crysis 2.
Zombie and Shingo had some argument about ganondorf.
humble bundle, has 2nd Amnesia, Limbo and Swords and Sorcery thing or something. And psychonauts but I already have that.
Gave an extra Salem beta key to kkszysiu, he'll credit me if he ever releases his client.
IndieRoyale had The Void and 1000 Amp so I bought it.

Played some EYE co-op with MK

Played a bit of AirMech, SnuggleTruck, Blocks That Matter, Against The Wall and Inflicted.
Airmech seemed nice but really could use some kind of way to give orders more easily.
Gnoblins looks interesting but didn't work neither did Dead Pixels. Didn't try LaserCat yet.
Hmm atm. I'm thinking I should try playing 1000 Amp, The Void, Second Reproduction, inMomentum, Superbrothers:S&S and Amnesia.
Also checked out how Voxatron and Project Zomboid are doing.

it seems my bro preordered gw2.
Played Second Reproduction all day, also Dead Pixels seems to work after all.
Done with Gardis route, I guess I should take a break to do something else and do the other 2 later.

I forgot the pass for my gmail alt.(It might have a salem key)
I know it's not wa, 8989, 89ra or 89wa.

Hmm should I play Airmech or Dead Pixels, could do both I suppose.
Also might want to pirate Ys Origin(maybe even buy if I like it I suppose), also could probably play more EYE with MK, the ping would be bad though. Should play/mod Driftmoon too at some point.

3.6 15:40
Hmmm, what do I do?
played around with for a bit(or a long time as it may be).
Played AirMech now planning to try Dead Pixels, and then maybe The Void or something later.
Dead Pixels can be actually kind of hard, but it still takes a while to get there. Played the default mode on normal and while I had some fun in the beginning I got bored of it after a bit so I just ran to the end.
Then tried the Solution mode on hardest with some melee gal, beat everything on first level and then bought enough medkikts to just run to the turning point but then things got quite hard and I kept dying so was going to get a better weapon along with more medkits but was a bit too frugal with my saves and kept losing my stuff and now I want to do something else.
Some Covert Affairs, Katamimi Buta's Ranma Fall and Tribes Ascend.
Also Shinji Nora's Lucky Item was great, I read it a while ago.

5.6 01:41
Hmm I think I finally feel like going for a walk. I really should try to get a little more exercise, My last notable outing was cycling few hundred kms in a week but that was nearly a year ago already. Also my weight is now back to what it was before that little trip.
Also Angelina sounds like it'll be interesting someday. GoT s2 ended. Read a couple of mangas, I feel girly, I guess I wanked too much and might be a little low on testosterone or something.
Played EVE with MK and Bink. The walk before that was also fun.

Played The Void, it's awesome.

Ninja Blade isn't too awful except for the horrible button smash required to break walls(and qte difficulty has zero effect on them)

Not feeling like doing much else for some reason :/ I think I was planning to mod Driftmoon or see how The Void runs on my laptop. Instead I've just read rps and slightly distacted by GW2 although I think it's not even playable yet(it's not weekend yet afaik). Also listening to The Void soundtrack, it's very nice though I didn't really notice the music in the game.

I made an awesome sandwich. I could watch Covert Affairs but I feel like I should really do something else. Maybe go for a walk. Ooh, I checked out my facebook for a change! Somehow that made feel rather happy for no reason, also totally random thing, in some TG-fans group someone was asking what was some pic from and I knew it thanks to seeing it before on sankaku, although I had also read Narutaru(which it was from) I wouldn't have realized it was from it without someone saying so. At least some good has now come from me reading that silly website.