2012-06-07 03:38:58 (UTC)


We seek opportunities for learning. We consider our selves to be a creative force and have the ability to express and share our experiences in developmental processes, for the well being of the whole. We as well consider ourselves to have certain leadership skills and are always up for the challenge if the result would be beneficial to everyone...We are loyal and responsible and have a good attitude towards life. We love and enjoy studying and researching topics of interest which includes philosophy, ethics, photography, computers and have a passion for creative thinking. To enhance our experience in skills and adapting to a new environment of learning, offers us insight to achieve our goals as morally responsible and a true friend with our peers. To always be kind and warm when engaged in conversation to lend a helping hand and to be a good listener yet very insightful and caring about others not just our selves. Therefore; I truly hope through out the years of our friendship we have enjoyed the STRAYPOWER Legacy. It is friends like you that truly makes our message a worth while journey together. Your support and loyalty are a friends greatest possession. And your support is greatly appreciated. Thanks for being a believer...I remain truly yours; Don. Larsen. Thank you.


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