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2012-06-05 23:03:57 (UTC)



A society that drifts into ignorance has a misunderstanding of man. A man however, accepting his role in the position of his manhood, through EXPERIENCE, REFLECTION AND REASON it helps to activate in a mans mind the difference of rejecting an irrational and immoral idea and replacing that thought with a more agreeable aspect of the topic in his mind. That's why man is an amazing creature to observe. This example will explain the concept of The Phenomena of mans will. This offers a freedom that is positively as a result of sacrifice to an irrationality with in his senses or perception. Therefore a FREE AGENT. These are the masterpieces of man that God intended man to live out his God created identity of manhood. Into his free will in observing his position at that time then, we discover that man is a truly remarkable creature. At length, human vanity reflects what appears to distinguish man from all other physical beings. By assisting to him the choice of making his own decisions in total independence of all other causes. Man is said to deliberate which then in turn removes his indecision, which settles his will in the sense of what would be called a FREE AGENT. Therefore, the freedom of authentic masculinity is an amazing thing to observe. They can challenge with a cutting edge and then gently make up his mind submitting in humility. Thus then giving him a deeper level of security and confidence as GENUINE MANHOOD. Don. Larsen.