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2012-06-05 22:16:02 (UTC)


As we begin, The dragon can be considered as a positive force, and represents power, excellence, and striving for goals, as well as being a benevolent force, which radiates good will, good luck, and blessings. Since dragons tended to be a water creature, in Eastern culture, the dragon represents the essential forces of nature. And in the West there are dragons whose existence was to serve and protect the kingdom. They display the most remarkable qualities of Loyalty and Sacrifice. The oldest culture in the world to utilize dragons in mythology and beliefs are from China. For them, the dragon is a divine, mythical creature that brings good fortune and prosperity. Therefore, As the mythology of dragons is a reflection of Western representations now show a definite eastern influence...So we say in truth they are very social and friendly in nature. They have a respect and value for creative thinking and artistic talent. They live life to its fullest and are well known for going to the distance in achieving their goals. They are also known for their good nature and kindness...Therefore; The qualities of this myth is they thrive on good musical talent, and inspired some of the most outstanding philosophers, classical literature and are creative abilities to bring them back to the concept of Wisdom and Joy...Therefore; MIND PIRATES AND DRAGON MYTHOLOGY...ENJOY Don. Larsen.