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2012-06-05 03:59:41 (UTC)


When realizing that our social behavior is a reflection of love and not popularity, it determines our fate. A unique point of view. Our personal realities of our status in society. Our friendships' success in communicating and to nurture relationships to the best moral responsibility as a believer. The hope we have had all along the path of our eternal salvation. In a sense of respecting you self as a loving person. The choices we have to respect our own self. Seeding that garden of life with the calming water of eternal peace and prosperity as a social person. Thus far in a way this does offer us popularity which leads to fight for just causes. Then submit in humility. Focused and ready to love one another...Therefore; God grant me the serenity to accept the things I have no control over, the courage to work on the things I can change and then to have the insight to realize your true wisdom to be a true gentleman...So we say therefore LOVE CONTROL..."Dedicated to Excellence"