2012-06-05 01:25:56 (UTC)


As the journey continues and the Lord shares with his disciples the wonderful messages of love. His teaching broadens deeper.
In the beginning we stated and explained about some of these beautiful mysteries. Some about faith, fear, salvation, boldness, etc...Christ says that in the book of the bible "love" is one of the divine experiences that surpasses them all. We also shared that you can combine promises together to work miracles, healing, and strength, but above all love.

There are many ways you can strengthen freedom and joy, for example, with love. When you love your wife, brothers and all people, as you love yourself, and treat them kind, tender, gentle and warm, even your enemies will be at peace with you. And guess what? This is one of the commands in the bible that will strengthen your joy, freedom, and yes above all your love for Jesus and your dear loved ones here on earth. "Praise Jesus our Lord" Don. Larsen.