Fallen from Grace
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2012-06-04 15:41:40 (UTC)

Who am I?

People often ask for me to tell them who I am...Wanna know Who and what I am inside? I am an ocean--Deep, mystical, and mysterious though most only see who I am on the surface. Very few are ever privileged enough to venture further to see what secrets my depths keep. If you search deep enough in my mesmerizing sea foam eyes you will find the hidden rare exotic secret treasures of my heart. Hidden in the cold murkiness far from the surface elaborate caverns of compassion caverns of compassion lay unseen and unexplored.Worlds of eminse overpowering love and unimaginable beauty remain unhindered. Wreckage from life's battles of love's conquest and loses lay in a ghostly silence of an aquatic graveyard forgotten perfectly tranquil, and undisturbed. Back on the surface, like the tide that washes on the beach in the early dawn, my love washes over and gently caresses the soul, washing away the the impurities of loneliness. My promiscuous spirit is parallel and harmonious with that of that of the all mighty ocean. I have a calming, placid, serene, yet seductively intoxicating heart. I am a miracle of rare device and am of unearthly origin which warms the heart; even more than a sea swept horizon at dusk in all in all its glorious heavenly aerial scene. Through beauty I move motivate touch peoples heart like a perfect storm of love and kindness which demolish, destroy, and sink all vessels of misery and depression in loving triumph like the Titanic. I am like moon beams glistening off the soothing hypnotic the soothing hypnotic waters of a midnight sea. A very magical meaningful and and up most influential part of my special someones life would you like to be sea swept by the sea of bliss inside me? Now who are you??