2012-06-03 14:30:00 (UTC)

Piece of Shit

I'm so glad you feel that way about me, all over facebook. Maybe next time, you can tag me in it. and don't worry, if you like ignoring my messages instead of settling it face to face, i can already guarantee you you will become my quickest regret. the way you're throwing all your problems out there because you can't keep it in your pants just already proves to me I've BEEN your tool. You feel that way about me? Cool. How about you tag me in your failures to be faithful on your statuses so after I can stop giving 2 damns you can go back to telling your side of the pity story to your jealous ass friends so they can convince you that you choosing them is better for you. Because at this point, I can see through your lies and leading me on. I'm fine without you. Go find someone else to screw over now you unstable worthless filth.