Fallen from Grace
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2012-05-31 03:33:57 (UTC)

Calming Bay

I find myself here tonight... Laying here on the floor on a friends netbook. I have darkened and hardened. I'm feeling alone in this world. I am embracing all aspects of myself tonight. I have a hunger... a need... a desire deep inside of my soul. Yesterday I got upset and went for a walk down by the waters of the bay. It was nice I felt so alive my senses hightened... Aware of everything around from my heartbeat to the eyes in the dark watching me as I walk allowing the shadows to embrace me. I found myself tounting those who watch me. I live a dangerous life style. Sailers speak of something kind of like mermaid except it sings. Its singing is so alluring to those who hear it they have wrecked and parished on the rocks in the shallows. Last night-- the night called out to me like this mythical being. I was there to call back. I have a very dark Aura. Water always seems to calm my mind and soul.

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