2012-05-10 17:24:18 (UTC)


You know what sucks? To everyone, you're invisible. To everyone, you're a stranger. It had to be you that was destined to be a young teenage kid with with your own clique of friends. Because honestly, not everyone is special. Let's be honest. Sure, everyone is unique.

But people will always be at a higher place. Maybe the world would stop fighting when people all learn to agree on one thing.

There are lots of people I'd like to meet, even if I had just saw them 9 seconds ago. Everyone with colors in their eyes always has a story to tell.

I'm sick. -.- my throat hurts...

All these the guy sitting on my left. Training to lose their life for their country. Why? Who'd need to train for anything like that if the world was at peace?

maybe I have big dreams. But they go a long way. I'm going to japan. :) what if I find someone that agrees with me?

I may not know the marine.
But it would be nice to see their face later on.

When they have a nice, happy, peaceful smile on their face. Not having to worry about the country's needs.

Someone asked me for my name.
Elijah luis Hernandez.

Remember it later.