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2012-05-27 22:14:42 (UTC)

WTF? Games woment play

Ok, so last Saturday, I went trap shooting with a friend. Yes, a woman friend but what the hell?!!! After that, I get texts from other women asking to go out. What?! So far, I go a phone number, a request for a date and someone asking for a ride for a camping trip coming up.

I'm still the same guy. No better, no worse. I don't want any drama, I just want to hang out with someone fun. I want someone that will be there in the long run. I can see that this group isn't what I was looking for. I was looking for someone that can look into a person's heart.

I guess times have changed. Personality, heart, and determination is no longer a value women are looking for. They the physical attributes and that is ok. I can deal with it. I just didn't realize that I'm older now. There was a time that my looks took care of everything. Now, I'm an old man with nothing to do and nowhere to go.o

I am so flustered. My ex keeps asking to come back. What do I do? I've tried so hard to find someone new but I failed.

So should I go back with the ex? I got nothing now anyway. At least I'll finally take care of the blue balls syndrome. I'll have the kids and at least it's better than hanging out in a room in ghetto North Highlands.

i tried several times to find some romance and I've flopped everytime.
I'm soo effing tired. I can't resolve anything right now and may never be able to.

Well, it's time for bed. later reader. :)

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