Fallen from Grace
2012-05-27 11:39:10 (UTC)

Love sick

Well today I am going to a anniversary party today. Jims and I are going to Mels and Jays 30th anniversery party. I do like his house... Its on the lake which I love. I was just sitting here reflecting back on Amanda and I. I hope someday her and I get a big date like Mel and Jay. I want to grow old with her. Yesterday we went to Downtown St Petersburg. I saw this beautiful bigger belly dancer. It made me think of Amanda. When I am around other women all I think about is her. When I am alone its her on my mind. I got a smile comet can't even wash off. Shes got a hold on me. When I am alone I get on facebook and pull up her picture and just think to myself mmmmmm.... I love this women. I done been with and around so many type people but none come close tomy lady. I have never known a bound like this. I am at the point that I do not care; I try to make time in my busy day for her. My boss doesnt get it. He hates how much time I spend on the phone with her at all hours. He just doesnt get us. My poor Manda thinks I will eventually need a mans touch but I am going to put her up on somethings so that No one else weather male or female will ever stand a chance. I got to give her a nickname. Everyone who means something to me a nickname.

Honestly I wish I had a bro to talk to. I got my friend Grudge but hes hard to reach. My blood brother Marion is not good to talk to in fact truthfully I prefer a code of silence about most things. I do not trust him for nothing. I do however have mikey and Lauren. I am slowly building up my network of