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2012-05-22 22:57:25 (UTC)

120 questionss

120 Question About You Survey

Whats your full name? - I don't disclose that information over the internet. I don't want to get raped :(
How old are you? - Sixteen
When's your birthday? - October 14th, 96 years after the turn of the 21st century (1995)
Which one of these are you?! {Punk, Prep, Goth, Freak, Gangsta, Emo}? - I like to identify myself as one of a kind.
What's your Zodac Sign? - Libra
How much do you weigh? - fat
How tall are you? - short
Are you, skinny, chunky, chubby, fat, or extra fat? - Somewhere between Nicole Richie and Jared before he started eating Subway
Are you in love? - Yes
If so, with whom? - My mac daddy
Whats your favorite number? - 23
Who do you wish to be in love with? - Johnny Depp
Have you ever hugged that person? - don't rub it in
Have you ever kissed that person? - don't rub it in
Did you ever have sex with that person? - don't rub it in
If not, do you want to? - don't rub it in
How long have you known this person? - don't rub it in
Do you want to marry this person? - don't rub it in
What's your favorite color? - turquoise
What's your favorite band/singer? - too many to decidee
What's your favorite radio station? - 106.5
What's your favorite type of shoes? - flip flops
What's your favorite stores to shop at? - the grocery store
What's your favorite fast food resturaunt? - chickfila
What's your favorite fancy resturaunt? - BUCA DI BEPPO
What's your favorite type of food? - mexican probably
What's your favorite drink? - Gatorade
What's your favorite color eyes? - bluee
What's your favorite color hair? - doesn't mattaaa
What's your favorite type of animal? - One of the feline family, cats, cougars, tigers..sexy animals like that
What's your favorite subject in school? - Psychology or English
What's your favorite show? - Uh, probably either secret life or the office
What's your favorite movie? - NO.
Party or the Beach? - beach
Coke or Sprite? - Neither, but if I had to pick, sprite.
Doggies or Kitties? - Kitties
Shorts or Pants? - N/A
T-Shirts or Long Sleeved? - t shirt
House or Apartment? - crib
AIM or MSN? - okay grandma, who uses either of those anymore?
Lions or Tigers? - Oh my?
Love or Lust? - love
Marriage or Sex Partner? - sex partner, deff. Cause thats what everyone wants in life.
Hairspray or Gel? - neither
A Couple Best Friends or Lots of Friends? - Best friends
Bath or Shower? - Shower
DVD Player or VCR? - VCR because all the movies that bring me chills of nostalgia are for VCR
Shoes or Sandals? - Barefoot
Lipstick or Lipgloss? - Lipstick, only on my forehead though.
Fan or AC? - AC
God or Devil? - God
Do people misspell your name? - no
If so, first or last name? - no
How do they misspell it? - no
How many other people do you know, with the same first name as you? - One
What about your last name? (Not including family) - noneee
Is anybody named after you? - nopes
Are you named after anyone? - the hurricane <3 good joke right?
Would you name your child the same name as you? - nopes.
If you were a member of the opposite sex.. what would your name be? - Alfredo
Do you like your name right now? - meh it's okay
How many friends do you have? - i dunnno
How many best friends do you have? - i dunnno
Do you trust your friends? - some of them
If so, who? - i dunnno
Are any of your friends straight? - yeah
If so, how many? - pretty much all of them
Are any of your friends Bi? - yes
If so, how many? - one
Are any of your friends Gay/Lesbian? - yes
If so, how many? - three
Do you tell your friends your secrets? - yes, for the most part
Who's the most hyper? - Rachel..
Funniest? - Noah or Danny
Shyest? - Holly or Jamie
Sweetest? - Justin
Most Ghetto? - Gregory, oreo forever.
Smartest? - Torrey
Ditsiest? - Michaelene hands down :)
Weirdest? - Sara
Smelliest? - Fabs
Newest? - Kayla
Preppiest? - Lindsey
Most gothic? - don't have any
Loudest? - Either Ryan or Bam..it's a tie.
Sluttiest? - :)
Quietest? - Sam
Who's your longest, known friend? - Rach
How many years? - 16
Have you ever smoked? - Cigerettes yes
Gotten drunk? - yeah
Kissed a member of the same sex? - nope
Bunked school? {How many times?} - bunked=skipped? yes
Had sex? - nope
Cybered? - meaning
Gone skinny dippin'? - hm, kind of.
Spent money on someone you really liked when they didn't like you? - Nopes
Liked your friends b/f or g/f? - Wes <3
Told off a teacher? - Nah
Told off your parents? - Yeah
Had surgery? {If so, why?} - no
Got beaten up? - by my brother, yes.
Played strip poker? - nopes
Thought about killing yourself? - probably
Slept together with the opposite sex w/o actually having sex? - yeah
Broken the law? {If so, how?} - yes, uhm drinking, smoking, driving, curfew
Hurt yourself? - everyday
Liked someone who didn't like you back? - yeah
Do you believe in God? - Absolutely
Ghosts? - Nah
Miracles? - yes
Good Luck? - nah
Magic? - nah
Love at first sight? - maybe. I dunno.
Witches/Worlocks? - nah
Staying faithful to your partner forever? - yes
Santa, Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy? - obviously.
Is this The End?? - I hope so..meow.

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