The Secret Life Of The American Teenager
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2012-05-21 07:32:46 (UTC)

to my baby

ill never get the chance of holding you and watching you grow and showing you how much i really love you but i want u to know that i fought for you everyday, i dont know if you were a boy or a girl but i loved you. im sorry for not giving you a chance but i hope that you understand that i did what i did because i loved you, and im being punished for my actions everyday. ill never forgive myself, i want you to know that i never thought of you as a mistake. you were my litle miracle and even though you were never born you saved my life. i quit so many things because i wanna make my child proud of me. i know your up there with your great uncle tim and great grandma judy and i know they love you soooooo much but now as much as i love you. i think about you everyday and i want you to know that you daddy loves you too even if he never said it. im sorry for what i did but your soul was too precious and amazing to bring into this poisionous world. just know you will always be my first baby, i will never forget you and mommy will always love you. r

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