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2012-05-20 02:31:36 (UTC)

The guy who got under my skin - I

20 May, 2012.

The guy who got under my skin. I'm not entirely sure what this phrase means but I do hope it is in the lines of -'the guy who got to me' or the 'guy who gave me the jitters' or something along that line.. You know. Well, you will after you read what I am about to write coz this is everything- right from the scratch to well, today.
S. I liked his name. It was the kind of mane I would have thought of for my son. Or if I were ever I asked to choose a guy just on the basis of his name, it would have been him. He was in my team. That is how I met him in the first sem. For the records, he does not look great. He has this real goofy look about him. He is thin, like a stick and weird and no personality at all. Girls who fall for lean guys would find him cute. My type is the broad shouldered ones, though. So yeah, he and Ps(my other team mate) were always at each others neck. I somehow held them together. We did not qualify. And that night, S told me he'd research again, just for me, coz I work hard. And that night I realised that somewhere in the library, between the arguments and jokes and frustrated stares and pissed off chats about the college and the fake people around, we had become friends. We mostly chatted. A lot. Every single day. And it was aways fun. And if not fun, it was something that was needed. It became a habit. After a while, we became real good friends. He is an insensitive dog who thinks showing emotions is a sign of weakness. But sometimes, he used to talk about his dad and the ressure and when he got drunk(it was not that frequent in the 1st yr), he'd talk about normal human stuff, like a teenage boy should. How he loved his mom, how he'd do anything for her, how he wanted to get out of the city so he won't have to see his dad, how he hated kids, how he loved his lil niece. Everything. And I was always there for him. Atleast that's what I'd like to think. And I think, he was there for me too. Now that I think of it, and I might be biased becoz of all that happened in Dun, he was there, but ever so unintentionally. I could talk about anything and he'd make a sarcastic remark or a frustrated weird reply and I'll laugh. Maybe he was just being his usual mean self. But sometimes I did get to see glimpses of what was definitely a softer side. A side that cared for friends. For me. A side that considered me his friend.
I remember particularly the time when U had a crush on me and R made it quite embarrassing to the extent that I couldn't stay in the same place as U fo longer that a minute and I had asked P, S and R to drop me till the hostel but none moved. So I just got up and went on. A little while later S called. He told me stop rigt where I was and then he came. I told him not to bother now that U was not there anymore I was okay with going alone and what with his injury in the leg it really wasn't necessary. He told me to stop being stupid and dropped me till the gate. It was nice.
It always is nice you know, to know that someone cares.
Rest of the story in another post coz I'm kinda sleepy and H is capslocking me to sleep. :P