Imperfectum Puella

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2012-05-20 01:44:59 (UTC)

The story continues..

20 May 2012.

Yes, well right. I'm writing after ages. Not only in this online diary. Have not touched my diary since months. Don't know when I will do that now that I've started here. Anyway, got an internet pack for the mobile and am finally making good use of it.
Read my last entries. I'm really weird and unpredictable and I'd like to think sooper genius at times. I still can't uwork out the initials I used in my last entries. Of course I know who they are though I'd give anything to not know them at this point of time. But the fact that I couldn't work out this weird and cryptic new naming process makes me think I must be real smart. Or plain stupid, for that matter.
Jeez! I blabber so much. And it is so so pointless.!
So, to the main issues in my life now.
1- H. I like him. I think I love him. But being me, I'd just say I don't know. Too many complications. Needs elaboration and a different post (and day, I think).
2- The fallout with S and P after the Dun trip. To think that I finally got hold of my feelings for S in my last post and the fact that these two were the most cherished friends I had at one point of time, even if I never did tell them of their importance and the.. I don't have a word for it.. Fall out..? Breakup? Distance? Animosity? Ironical. Plain ironical. Like a movie script with loads of drama.
3- Z. I still can't decide if she is a hypocrite and a manipulative bitch or just a very close friend misunderstood.
4- Me. Because all of a sudden there is just so much about me. Revealitions. Introspections. Discoveries. And most importantly, the changes.
5- And I almost forgot, the C. And the moments I spent with them. R, V and K. They always make me smile.

This sem WAS a rollercoaster ride. I've literally had enough reasons to declare it the worst semester(the emotional breakdowns, the redemption, academics, friendship) or to christen it the best one(trips, C, love) though I guess 2nd sem might steal that one.

I waaant to keeep writing. But I want to publish this one. I never really understand my urges and instincts.
And i just realised, I've not used a single smiley. R would be so worried if he ever read this. For you R- :D.

Till the next post!