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my submissive life
2012-05-19 00:11:11 (UTC)

Week Eleven

Monday AM:
You will wear a rubber band around your wrist today. Every time you get an email, text message, or phone call today – you will pull the rubber band out and let it go, snapping it against your inner wrist, hard. You will also do it for all the emails you received overnight. If you have six emails upon arriving at work, you will snap the rubber band six times in a row. Keep track of the number of times you snap your wrist. Hopefully your wrist will be very sore by the end of the day.
Monday PM:
So you had to snap the rubber band against your wrist 42 times today. Your wrist must be very red and painful. Let’s get your ass to match. You will strip and paddle your ass 42 times, hard. You will also record yourself doing this. When you are done, you will post the video online and invite the viewers to comment on your fat ass and the quality of your paddling. Spend the rest of the night awaiting the comments. You will respond graciously to every comment you get.

Tuesday AM:
Bring a marker and your rubber band to work today. You will again keep track of all the emails, calls, and texts that you get today. You will keep track of them by using the marker to make hash marks on your arm for each message you get. You will wear short sleeves today so that everyone you come into contact with can see the marks on your arm. You’ll have to decide what to tell them. At lunchtime, you will go into the bathroom. You will strip from the waist up, bra and shirt completely off. You will hold the rubber band against the top of your right tit, about one inch back from your nipple. Pull the rubber band back almost to the point of breaking and let it snap against your tit, hard. You will do it once for every hash mark you made. At the end of the day, before you go home, you will repeat the process on the exact same spot. Remember to do it for each mark, not just each new mark. So if you got 20 messages before lunch and another 20 after, you will have 40 marks total and will snap the band against your tit 40 times at the end of the day and 60 times total. Use your cell phone to take a picture of your tortured tit and send it to me before you dress and head home.
Tuesday PM:
Your tit did not look nearly red enough. You obviously were not snapping the rubber band hard enough. You will do it again. You had 15 messages before lunch and another 32 after. You will strip and record your punishment. You will snap the rubber band against the same spot on the top of your right tit 47 times in a row, each one as hard as possible. If you aren’t crying and that spot isn’t black and blue by the time you are done, you will be very sorry. When you are done, you will again post the video online for all to see. You will again invite the viewers to comment on your fat tits and the quality of your suffering. You will read all the comments and respond graciously to all of them. You will be extra polite and self-deprecating to the really nasty comments.

Wednesday AM:
You will learn that when I order you to torture yourself, you will do it as hard as I would if I were there. If you try to go easy on yourself, you will suffer the consequences. Bring your tools to work with you again. As soon as you get there, go to the bathroom and drop your pants. Use the marker to draw a one-inch circle on your upper, inner, left thigh. That is your target today. Take the rubber band and snap it against that spot 15 times, hard! You will repeat the snaps every hour from 9am to 5pm. That’s 135 times total! When you finish the last set at 5pm, take a picture of your target and send it to me. If you go easy on yourself again, you will regret it. You better be in tears by the end of the day.
Wednesday PM:
Finally it looks like you followed my orders well. Your target on your inner thigh looks very badly bruised. I hope you have learned your lesson. Tonight you get a break from the rubber band, but wear it around your wrist as a reminder. You will spend 30 minutes tonight fucking your ass with the handle of your toilet plunger. Do it hard and deep. You may not cum! Before going to bed, you will shove the handle as far into your ass as possible. You will sleep with it like that. That’s right, you will sleep in bed with the toilet plunger handled shoved up your ass. No matter how uncomfortable it is, you may not remove it until morning.

Thursday AM:
Let’s continue getting you close with your toilet plunger. Wash it and set it down in the middle of your bathroom floor, sticking up from the tiles. Get on your knees and put your hands behind your back. Bend over and start deep-throating that thing. Lick it and suck it hard and vigorously like a cock. Do it for 15 full minutes. While you’re at it, think about how its normal place is in the toilet and how it spent the last 8 hours in your ass. Only after you’ve sucked the toilet plunger handle for 15 minutes can you get ready for work. At work today, you will find time to write “I like to fuck myself with toilet plungers” 500 times.
Thursday PM:
Go back to your favorite new toy. Make sure the plunger is firmly stuck to the bathroom floor and then climb on. Angle it into your pussy and kneel down over it until you are fully impaled on it. Make sure to put a full-length mirror in front of you and wear your pig-nose. Look at yourself. See how ridiculous you look. Take your big hairbrush and start spanking yourself – your ass, tits, stomach, thighs, etc. Oink like a pig while you’re doing it. Keep watching yourself in the mirror. Think how disgusting and pathetic you are – impaled on a toilet plunger, looking and acting like a fat pig, spanking your whole body. Does your body jiggle when you spank it? Are you wet? Are you getting off on the plunger? You may bounce up and down a little, but don’t fuck yourself too hard because you are not allowed to cum. Continue your filthy performance for 2 full hours. Remember to spank yourself all over and oink for the duration. When you are done, you will climb off the plunger and lick it clean.

Friday AM:
I think you enjoyed your performance a little too much last night. Under your clothes today you will wear big, tight, granny panties and a sports bra. But before you leave for work, you will take several handfuls of raw rice and dump them into your bra and panties. You will have to suffer the coarse pieces biting into your pussy, tits, and ass all day. You are not allowed to adjust the rice at all; wherever it goes it stays. You are also not allowed to use the bathroom while at work today; we wouldn’t want any of the rice to fall out.
Friday PM:
You may finally strip, but you may not go to the bathroom. Tie yourself a very tight crotch-rope using the coarsest rope you have. Make sure it cuts deep into your pussy and between your ass cheeks. Next, put on your sneakers and get on your treadmill; it’s time for a run. Since you are not allowed a bra, you will have to run while cupping your hands under your tits to prevent them from bouncing too much. You will run for one full hour. You are not allowed to use a towel to wipe off your sweat. You must simply let it drip and run down your disgusting body. The crotch-rope should be rubbing you pretty raw. Suck it up. At the end of your run, you can remove your sneakers but make no other adjustments. You will probably need to pee very badly. Get into your bathtub on your hands and knees and put the stopper in the tub drain. Then go ahead and piss yourself. When you are done, remain in the tub. Lie down and roll around in it. Cover yourself in your piss and sweat like a filthy animal. Rub your face and hair in it. Once covered, get back on your hands and knees and remain in the tub for another full hour. Moo loudly like a cow for the duration. When an hour is up, you may rinse off in cold water only. You may not remove the crotch-rope. You will leave it on and sleep with it. Depending on the material of the rope, it may shrink and tighten. Deal with it.

You may now remove the crotch-rope. Hopefully your ass and pussy are very raw and sore. Put on your sneakers, shorts, and a tank top, no bra or underwear. You are going out for a run today. You can either hold your tits or let them bounce. Either way your big, fat, braless tits should be pretty noticeable to everyone you pass. Run briskly for maximum bounce and do it for a full hour.
Back home you may eat breakfast off the kitchen floor and then get dressed. You may not shower or use deodorant. You will be smelly and gross all day. Dress in tight jeans and a t-shirt, again no bra or panties. As you are out running errands for the next several hours, everyone will be able to tell you are braless as your tits bounce and swing. Get done all your necessary errands today because you will not be allowed out tomorrow. Make no attempt to cover or hide your tits in any way.
Back home, strip and finish your chores. Make sure your house is spotless. Tonight you may relax and watch TV. But you will wear your large butt-plug for the duration. You will also wear a nipple clamp, alternating right and left nipple every half hour until you go to bed. You may remove the plug just before you get into bed.

You have three hours to prepare for my arrival. First, shower. Use the hottest water possible and scrub yourself thoroughly with a rough sponge like you’d use on pots and pans. Next, lay out all your toys on the dining room table nice and neatly. Make sure they are all clean and polished. Third, get out your red lipstick. Paint your nipples and pussy lips. Use it to write “CUNT” across your forehead, “PIG” across your tits, and “COW” across your stomach. Then put it on your lips but go outside the lines so you look like a clown. Fourth, take your toilet plunger and stick it to the tiles of your entranceway, just inside your front door. Leave room for the door to open without hitting you. Next, straddle the handle and climb onto it so that it goes into your ass. Kneel over it so that you are fully impaled. Finally, cuff your hands behind your back. That is how you will await me. Cuffed, covered in whorish red paint and writing, kneeling and impaled through the ass with a toilet plunger. If you’re lucky, I will not keep you waiting too long.