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2012-05-18 22:30:17 (UTC)

Boys History of my life!

First of all, I will not deny the fact that I am beautiful. I am not like the other girls who know they are beautiful but tells you they are not so that you drown them with praises.
Okay, my first experience at love was when I was 13. Yeah, lol that's crazy. What I thought as love was actually a crush. In fact, the boy approached me. His name was Kevin. He was 5 years elder than me. He proposed me on my birthday which is on the 12th of February and on Valentine's Day, that is two days later I discovered he has another serious girlfriend and I was just a catch in his basket. It hurt at that time; not much though. It was my ego which pricked.
Then, since that time, there were a lot of guys flirting ( healthily I mean) only through chat and messages. I never was serious about those things.
Maybe God did not like my decision and I was growing older and had no experience in the love matter. ;)
I met a guy. We studied in the same college but actually we met at a waterfront at night- I was there with my cousins and he was with his brothers. Glances exchanged and smiles connected each other. But still no word. I was surprised when I met him at school the next day. We finally got each other's number and began dating. He was my first love <3
But he did not take it seriously. Behind my back, he had someone else. In fact, when he was happily courting me, he had someone else in his life. I was outraged when I got to know that I am the reason he is double crossing that girl and I felt hurt too. However that girl contacted me and told me all is over and I can go on with my relationship. I decided to give my boyfriend another chance. Over the years I got to know that he was still meeting that girl secretly. I talked to the girl and she told me all kinds of things ( bitch, prostitutes and what not). What hurt me the most was that despite all these swear words, my boyfriend did not utter a single word in my defence to that girl.
That was the day I decided to leave him, he begged me to return. My love for him made me stayed, I forgave him once more. I did everything for him- baking cakes, doing crafts, buying gifts and cards for every occasion, doing video clips for him, making him feel special in front of his friends, being nice to his family and buying gifts for them as well, giving him money when he needed and what not more!
I stayed with him 3 years. All those hurts and heartbreaks I kept that in my heart. I never complained. After our second year, I had the world's greatest embarassement. He was cheating on me by sleeping with someone else and it was my brother who found that out. I was really broken and at that time, I was doing a very important exams which consequently I didn't perform that well. at the end of our third year, there was my brother's wedding. It was my brother's, so I was really caught up with preparations and all. I was the only one in charge of everything. I did not have much time for my boyfriend for 4 days. He was so rude when I got back to him, insulted me and accused me of flirting and keeping other guys and what not. I was tired from the wedding and on top of that hearing all those accusations, I lashed out. All those hurts, pains, heartbreaks I kept buried in my heart came on my mouth. I could not prevent it. After I did that, I knew now it would never be the same as before after I said all these things. I broke up. The sad thing was that that was the moment he was really beginning to love me. But love does not make everything. With love comes responsibility. He stalked me for two years after that. But I kept my mind cool I stayed single since then for 2 years. I concentrated on my studies and I completed my college with outstanding qualifications. At the end of my exams, there was another wedding of one of my brothers. I met a guy there,he was the photographer ;)

We fell in love. A wedding cake drew us close and since that on we are together. We are both Aquarius and we fit each other very well. We understand each other and both of us value fidelity a lot. I have been living a fairytale since then though sometimes you feel somewhat left out :/

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