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2012-05-17 08:43:36 (UTC)

HELP! (Please Read, I need help!)

Hello Online Readers!
I am currently doing my United Nations speech that I am suppose to read in less than 4 hours! I honestly do not what to do! I am FREAKING OUT. I need to get this done but I have no idea how to write a speech that I am about to give to over 500 people!!

My speech has to be about me supporting countries sending over peace keepers to Syria.
On the paper it says:
3. Personal Statement (140 points)
- You will need to write your own personal statement expressing you belied on the appropriate action to deal with human rights violations.
- Begin your statement with "I rise in support of.."

If you guys can help me with this I will be over-whelmed! I need this grade or else I will fail this class, and then I wouldn't be able to graduate with my class.):
So far I have;
"I rise in support of the peace keepers being sent to Syria. Syria's country is in desparate need of something to be done.
Since security forces launched a crackdown on the protesters, it has been estimated that over 7,500 people have died so far.(BBC News)
By sending the peacekeepers over to Syria it will hopefully.. "

It sucks I know.. But can you guys help finish it!? No plagiarism please, and if you want to send me a websites that would be nice!

- Soloar Justine.♥

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