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2012-05-17 04:01:08 (UTC)

False positive! =]

My week has been anything but ordinary. First, I really screwed up with my classes and failed both Biology and History (Yeah, yeah, I know... should have tried harder, right?) Well now I have to make up those classes in the summer, which sucks because either way this means that my college "graduation plan" will be set back by at least half a semester, and depending on how those grades come out I MIGHT just be able to catch up if I take more summer classes next year and a few mini-mester things that they have now a days.
I went to my doctors appointment yesterday, had to go by myself because my mom and dad had to work. I was waiting for a few hours when they doctor came in and gave me the worst possible news anyone would want to hear, "You're positive". NO, not pregnant. Although now a days I wouldn't blame you for thinking so. So many young uneducated women are having babies left and right with no means of supporting them. Oh well, just how life is here in El Paso I guess. Anyways, she told me my blood disorder came back, like a light switch I began to cry. After a minute or two of only hearing my sniffling and swallowing of tears, she noticed something was wrong with the results. They written part of the test results said there was lupus.. blah blah blah present. Not lupus, but something was wrong within that area, which would be my blood disorder (Antiphospholipid Syndrome) Well, the written part said the lupus anti whatevers were present but when she looked at my numbers they were all correct, so the results were contradicting. She had to go with my other oncology doctor and speak with the pathologist only to find out, IM PERFECTLY FINE!.... for now at least. The results turned out to be a false positive. But that not all, they said this usually would happen because a women with my blood disorder is pregnant, so in order to make sure (Even though I was sure I wasn't) they had to make me pee in the damn cup. Of course it came out negative and my dad could finally breathe again, as well as my boyfriend (It was quite funny watching them squirm around in their chairs though) It tought me a good lesson though, I have to keep my weight down, my exercise constant,and my head always held up high, because even if it wasn't a false positive and my blood disorder did come back I would just have to fight right through it like I did before with the help, love, and support of my family. All this being said, I plan to hopefully start my "Food log" and use this as a way to stay on top of it. Wish me luck!