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2012-05-16 07:19:25 (UTC)

Flee to Christ in the Jesus Prayer

Take note that I’m not speaking now of unbelievers and atheists, nor of those who are depressed that they have lost God. No, it happens that believers who have set forth on the path of salvation, souls who are under the influence of Divine grace, lose the meaning of life. They don’t know that this is a temporary condition which passes, which one must wait out. They write: “I’ve fallen into despair, something dark has surrounded me.” I’m not saying that such an affliction is legitimate, but I am saying that it is the lot of every man. This is not a punishment, this is a cross; and one must bear this cross. But how does one bear it? Where is the support? Some seek this support and consolation from people—they think to find peace in the midst of the world, and they don’t find it. Why? Because one must not seek it there. One must seek peace and light and strength in God through the Jesus Prayer. When it becomes very hard for you and gloom surrounds you, stand before the icon, light the lampada if it hasn’t been lit, kneel if you’re able, or else just say “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” Say it once, again, a third time—say it so that it’s not just your lips that are pronouncing it, but in such a way that it reaches your heart. And then, the sweetest Name of the Lord will without fail reach your heart, and little by little the melancholy and grief will subside and your soul will become bright. A quiet joy will reign in it.

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