Experienced Life
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2012-05-15 18:40:00 (UTC)

I'm here... Now what?

Ex was texting me again today. Pretty much the same old shit. Wanting me back, missing me, blah blah blah. I got a little mean in my texting and asked her how she can do what she does. I told her she is texting me telling me things then goes home to her man after work. I asked her how she can live with herself and what makes a person become like her? I told her that I find it disgusting and and even though she had no respect for herself, I have some respect for me.

She said I was very mean. I asked her to look in the mirror. She was the one having an affair while we were married. I think that was pretty mean. She finally stopped texting me.

So now I'm home in this room. I'm doing what's right and this is how my day went. Pretty much how my life is going. Whatever....

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