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2012-05-14 21:09:48 (UTC)

Sister grr

My sister is always causing arguments, and i always get in trouble. Today we were scooping ice cream from the same tub. She was having problems getting the ice cream and I said, "you just have a bad spoon that's all". Her spoon was bending in half. But she says, in a very snappy tone,"there is nothing wrong with this spoon, it's perfectly fine!" so after that the stupid brat hit me! So I shove her and tell her to get over herself, and stay away from me. But that was when mom came in. As usual she didn't listen to my side of the story, and yelled at me for being "mean" to my sister. I didn't even get to tell her what happened, and she made me say sorry to my sister's face. I feel so mangy right now and frustrated! I'm so sick of getting in trouble for my sister's crap. She starts everything and I get the blame, and my mother never even bothers to listen to me, and if I try to tell her what really happened I get in trouble for "back talking" . Either that or my sister lies to my mom, and, of course, since she's the baby of the family, mom believes every word.

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