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2012-05-12 21:15:16 (UTC)

Jealous ...? of my own cousin ?

so, i tried out for cheer at my high school .this past tuesday, wednesy, nd thursday was the clincis nd today was the tryouts . we had to do the cheer nd jumps by ourselves then we did thechants nd dance in groups of three . nd ithink i did pretty good but i didnt make it .

my cousin Hannah mad hers ...she goes t oa different school .
so lets compare me nd my cousin :

hannah: cheerleader
emily: not

hannah: all A's
emily: lucky if i get AB

hannah: gorgeous
emily: okay

hannah: freshman class president
emily: nothing

hannah: popular
emily: not

is it normal to be jealous of your own cousin ?!?! shes always been able to do everything nd everythign she did was perfect nd im just so over it !

i really wanted cheer but of course ... i didnt make it . whatever . im just kinda pissed right now .

imma go . bye .

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