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2012-05-12 11:25:20 (UTC)

Looking to Move

Well, it's almost time. I promised my friend six months here and time is almost up. The neighborhood is just too ghetto. No way will I ever bump into romance here. No pubs to hang out, no supermarkets to even look at eye candy. There is a Walmart here and you've seen the pictures of "the people of Walmart". Well, I can testify that those pics are pretty much dead on.

I know I was trying to save for a house but I've come to the conclusion that this isn't happening with the medical bills my Ex racked up that Blue Shield is having me pay. So I just have to say fuck it and just live for today. I'll rent a nice home with too many bedrooms as usual.

There is a small outside chance I'll get an apt and put stuff in storage but I'll sleep on that. For now, I have 5 homes to look at and drive by just to see how it looks. I can't forget that I have a trailer, motorcycle, suv, and my Acura.

I'm so tired of moving though. I hate it and it's not fun at all.