2012-05-12 04:29:54 (UTC)

Make Me Proud =)

I always say I was just born to fail because now I'm a failure at school. Aaaaah, if only I could be as smart as I can be before high school...That place just ruined my life. At high school, all I have is panic attacks. I accuse people of being unreal when I'm unreal my own damn self! But I don't believe that everyone's as real as they claim to be....I mean, every girl I know talks about another girl behind their back, and then they never say it to their face. Honestly, if I repeated every single, little mean thing I said behind someone's back...I would be jumped every day or....dead, possibly. It's weird how much the "unpopular" girls or "outcasts" claim that they hate the popular girls because they talk so much shit, they dress like a hoe, or they can be soo annoying. I think it's just because they're jealous they can never reach their infamous status of being a popular girl...I mean I hate admitting it, but I would love to be popular! I mean, wouldn't it be nice? But because I'm my insecure, panic-attacky self, I could never handle all that pressure....The pressure of looking great everyday, and if you don't do you know how much shit people will talk about you? (You should listen to what I say!) I already criticize myself everyday about how "ugly" I look and being popular would just about kill me! Don't make me feel like a bad person! I'm just a normal girl falling for all these annoying, petty girl habits!
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