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2012-05-07 20:47:44 (UTC)

Some drama from a friend?

Whoah! This is a rarity.I got into a little misunderstanding with a friend. Not the closest friend but I've known him a few years now. He borrowed money, said he'd pay back in a week and now it's 6 weeks later. I told him beforehand that I didn't want to have to ask for it back. Low and behold, I had to.

His reply? "I didn't realize the priority was that high to return the money". I said that it should be as urgent to return as it was when he urgently needed it. It of course goes out one ear and comes out the other.

He is in the same single parent group as I am. He was the stay at home Dad. I always knew he was too stupid to take care of himself but to each his own. Now he tells me wtf? WTF!? Oh yeah, pretty tough when they already got the money. Fuck this. He is cut off.

He is so stupid. He got a temp job that is good for a month. He then goes out and signs a lease to live on his own place. I figure he will be in deep shit in a couple of months. Then the "WTF?" will turn to please. Well, I say fuck that shit. He isn't blood and he isn't a little kid so have at it pal.

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