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2012-05-07 03:51:58 (UTC)

Finally a nice day

Sunday was great. I goofed off most of the morning till I got bored. Washed and waxed my motorcycle while I had the car stereo going on a sunny day. It was soooo relaxing. The heat did drain me though so I kicked back on a lounge chair after I was done. Sucks to be old. lol

Didn't realize the time and had just enough time to shower and get to my dart league. We won again (barely). My darts were off. My cricket game kinda sucked but as long as you can hit the bullseye, that is pretty much half the battle and I did just that.

After the match, I had to go celebrate by gouging on 5 tacos at taco bell. So much for the 2 miles I ran the other day. I probably have to run a hundred miles to work this off now. Maybe I'll get lucky and lose calories the fun way? Nah..... I must be dreaming.

Sunday was a good day. I'm ready to start my Monday :)