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2012-05-07 14:23:58 (UTC)


In this past few months many had happened to me. About my friends and others.

In my last 3 months in my school. There's a boy who confess to me. I thought he was just joking. He is new student in our school. A friend of mine introduce him to me. We become friends because we have the same interest. He also love to watch Korean dramas and movies. I am really close to some of boys in our school especially my classmates. I really don't like some girls in my school. They are always talking about boyfriends and other stuffs related to make ups and clothes. I am not really interested about that stuffs. I am friendly to some of boys classmates. Not like I have a feelings for them. I just like to make friends with them. Of course my guy friends are really nice and have a respect to the girls. I don't like boys who are bastards. Back to the topic. This boy who confess to me is not the same class as mine. I know him because of my friend. Sometimes when we are together we always talk. He told me many things about him. He become my close friend. He accompany me if I am alone. Few months later he told me that he likes me while he was saying that I kept on laughing because I thought he was just joking. Few days had past and he become more serious. When he was asking me if I want to be his girlfriend I always say I don't know. He really don't want to give up. He said he will wait for my answer.

One day, I am with my other friends in my class. We were talking to our computer teacher. My teacher called my name and looked at Matt (I used fake names in my diary.) I felt really nervous in a sudden because no one know about the confession except my cousin, and the friend who introduce him to me.

Next day, I am with my friend talking to my club moderator. I am looking around when I caught some of my friends looking at me while talking. I thought to myself "Are they talking about me?". I am not comfortable if someone talking about me. I don't know if they are talking about good or bad things about me. Then suddenly other friend of mine tease me about Matt. How did he know about that? Who told him about it? I thought.

Next few days, my best friend asked me if Matt is really asking me to be his girlfriend. I know I can trust him because his my best friend for many years. I told him all about it. After that he told me many advise. I don't have feelings for Matt. For me he is my friend. I think he misunderstood how I act around him. My best friend told me that Matt asked him if we became a couple in the past and if my best friend still love me. Of course I know he answered. He answered no. We are just friends. In the same day I told Matt that I am going to be his friend. I am not ready to have a boyfriend this time.

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