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2012-05-05 19:13:28 (UTC)

What lit a fire under the Ex's ass?!

I don't know what the ex is up to . She is texting me giving me shit again. I don't know why. She got her man she was having an affair with while I was with her. They got a house and she has her kids. I figure that sounds like a win-win scenario. Why fuck with me now?
Anyway, she told a few days ago that the kids wanted to stay with me for the weekend and that she said I couldn't because I don't have a place to myself. I told her that I could take them in and my roommates are ok with it.

Of course, she does the norm and just doesn't respond to my emails. No problem. That is how she works. I don't mind the lack or poor communication. I'm just glad I don't have to live with this shit everyday.

Anyway, today I get a text from her indicating I enjoy my ugly girlfriends. Then another one saying that I go out sleep all day without worrying about taking care of the kids. I'm to enjoy my single life and that this is what I was doing when I was with her. I'm to enjoy my life with my friends.

Hmm, I thought we weren't together anymore because she was having an affair? Oh silly me, that must've been just a small part of our problems and my friends were the big cause of our breakup.
I was thinking..... aren't we divorced now? Didn't the final papers say we were divorced since May 2012? I mean that hospitals know since they are back charging me all her medical bills so I'm pretty sure we are divorced now.

So I had to retaliate a little. I sent her some replies. I reminded her of the time she said she had to start a couple of hrs early to work. I snuck out and went to her work place at the time she suppose to start. Two hrs later (her normal start time) she drove in to work. I confronted her and told her wtf? She said she had to get gas. It was so stupid, I remember laughing at that answer. She was of course with her man.

I also reminded her of another time when I went to her work to surprise her and have lunch with her. Well, the surprise was on me. She never went to works. She parked her car there but her co-workers said she didn't come into work that day. This was yet another Kodak fucking moment in my life.

So now I'm suppose to care about her kids missing me? now I'm suppose to be the responsible Dad? Did we all of a sudden forget that the kids are not biologically mine? Did we forget that their real father is the guy that she had her first affair with? (BTW, I still have to thank my avenging angels for giving that first guy a slow and painful death. His death was slow and painful. I think the doctors said he died of liver failure or something like that. I think he died of soul failure. That's when you do things so bad and so wrong, that your soul dies or leaves you.) I think I did more than try to keep the kids. People are just too fucking stupid with things.

There are consequences to your actions. When you have an affair, you have to realize that it effects more than just you. If you have kids, it will effect their future. So, if your gonna have one, then enjoy but realize what may happen when you get busted. Live with it. Why the fuck can't people think ahead just a little?

What the fuck is this shit? I'm not the teacher of "How not to be a slut 101". Fuck! I just want some peace and quiet. Perhaps live in my own place soon. Work hard. Play some darts and have some sort of social life. Screw this. Time for some wine...