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It's a tale to tell
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2012-05-04 18:04:21 (UTC)

My Take. What is Yours?

My Take on Heartache.

Sincerely, Me.

Have you ever? Have you ever driven through a country town that makes your heart best would and out of control, every time?
Have you ever driven past a faded old street sign and almost burst into tears?
Had the thought of a single living person ever made you stop on the side of the road to heave, right then and there?
Let me be completely honest with you in this very moment.
The last 2 years..have hurt. But that's okay. Because, today, I have made the choice to take back control of my life. No more procrastinating no more using heartache as an excuse. I will use this as the very reason I become as successful and productive as I have ever dreamed to be. I will be better than the girl he dumped; I'll be the woman he can never have.

Now, tell me.
What is Your Take on Heartache?

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