teanage gypsy
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2012-05-01 02:24:01 (UTC)

my husband driving me crazy! who agrees with this topic

Hey all you bloggers! Checking in from Nowheresville u.s.a. where I can sit & enjoy a clean house.

Well my husband is driving me insane today. Accusing me on everthing. Sometimes I just don't know why I got married. Oh! I know why I am inlove. But when he have an argument or something it isn't going his way he brings up getting a divoriced if he really wanted to he would he loves me too much not to .. even getting me to clean the house is a one thing but I have worked on myself over time about that.

Okay, here's a question: who loves gossip girl! Its so awesome!

Please reapply for any reason! I want to know what y'all think. Keep reading my online journal for more days in a life a mother doing her best ill be here the same me. Just trying to get by.

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