2012-04-24 06:54:36 (UTC)


Look 'em in the eye, I say, I could never get enough.

So's all about repair. I think. I'm all about talking the world i'm escaping myself today.

I feel like I destroyed my connection with ify. Because for some reason, he doesn't talk to me anymore. He used to hug me close. Now I wonder if he misses that as much as I do. I wonder if he thinks about if, he worries about me at the back of his head. I do.

A lot.

He's still my best friend...
I wonder if I'm his anymore.
And then there's phil.
And jose's jealousness.
And other people.
Gahhh. I didn't realize how fucking cool robin is. :)

Too bad I can't see any of the juniors today...

frosting of the cake.