Confessions of a married woman
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2012-04-27 20:58:58 (UTC)

What are you doing this weekend?

I'm starting to get bored with just chillin' at home on the weekend. There was a time when I used to party Friday and Saturday and didn't even want to schedule any dates because I was having so much fun and busy partying.. how sad! I could have probably met a lot of cool people, but because I was enjoying my single life and getting a "taste" of a lot of other guys I didn't want to let that go. Now 25lbs heavier... its hard for me to go out dancing. I don't fit in my dresses and it makes me sad. I guess instead of complaining I should be doing something about it. Which I promise I'm trying, but I need more sacrifice.. which i hate to do! In every aspect of my life. Is there some kind of magical formula that can make me have will power? I wish! Pass it along! I know looking into the future with results is motivation, but I guess not enough! This blows. Anyway... I really want to go out dancing again soon. Perhaps in a couple of weeks once my arms are back in shape... they are getting there! Yay!

This weekend I'm going to my friend's daughter birthday party and then my other friend brothers in law are having a bday party. I don't think I'll go to that one simply because one is like 19 and the other one is like 23 and I would need kinda pricey gifts which I don't have the money for. I do but I don't want to spend it on that I rather put it in my $20,000 piggy bank.

What are you doing this weekend??!?

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