A Nun
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2012-04-26 18:15:45 (UTC)

Tuesday 25 , 476

I forgot to write yesterday but something told me to try again today . Yesterday the devil tried to create tension in the kitchen . When i went in to see if they food was ready they all just looked at me . I didn't know that i wasn't suppose to be in the but i went in anyway . Yes im very young and new to this nun thing but there's no reason to treat me like i'm not apart of this life . When i was younger my mother told me that God never tempts you to do something that not already in you , and on top of that he doesn't tempt you at all it's all the devil and he only does it because your one step closer to being with God . Never blame god for your troubles . I'm resting today because i have a splinter in my foot and now my foot is infected . Im going to pray to go and hope he answers my prayers .