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Broken or Unbroken?
2012-04-25 05:53:33 (UTC)

OMG! What I've done?

Yesterday was the worst day ever for me :(

there is a guy in my class who use to stare at me, which was creepy..
but i ignore this fact because I dont have to do anything in this case.

about 3 days ago, I was talking to mum, and this case was brought up by me, I told mum that he stares at me a lot, and I'm sure my mother wont have taken this seriously too but what happened was just opposite of it.

my mother ended up telling this to my father who usually stays hot-headed and angry.

Yesterday, there was a wedding reception we went in, and apparently that guy was there and my father caught his look.
After sometimes, when i turned back to see where is my father, I saw him yelling at that guy and his father.

Oh My, that was embarrassing..
what if he wasn't exactly staring at me? maybe it was one the girls who sit beside me?
what if he's mentally disturbed (I dont think so)

He's SO gonna kill me in school.

I just wanna get buried right in this place.

I hope everyone forgets everything and all will be cool.


*still scared