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2012-04-24 13:35:08 (UTC)

Start Of Something New

so here it goes,
Hi, I'm Kriti.
Also known as Shelly or Shel
I'm an Indian and I'm 15 yrs old.
I'm really interested in writing diary stuffs. But i chose to write it online because I wanted it to share with all of you I can type faster than just simply writing (I'm too lazy to do all that book stuff too)

so in terms of describing about myself, I live in a small town of India. And the best thing about living in India is it's FOOD. So delicious, so versatile, so awesome. And speciality of the foods here are SPICES! Its all about chillies ans salts.
Also, it's a beautiful place to hang around, you can see forts, palaces, hill-stations, beaches, animal tiger sanctuaries and all.

But the worst part of living here is non-freedom.
Our country is not coping up with monarch or dictatorship, it's a total democracy'd country.
but the real non-freedom I'm talking about is kind of FAMILIES we have.
These are the rules made by our parents that we have to follow-:
- We can't date
- We can't hang out with boys
- We can't over-hang out with our friends either
- Our parents choose our life partners themselves. i.e. we cant marry the person we like.

and this is what everyone here expects:
- Study Study Study and come up with 100% result
- There is SO much pressure on studies, [most of the children here end up killing themselves]
- You can't choose your own job too. you either have to be a doctor or an engineer.

seriously, you have no freedom to live your life and you wont be allowed to follow your dreams at all.

so this is my life.


Talking about my family,
I have a brother, and mum-dad
(we have complicated names btw so thats why not mentioning it)
meaning of my name is (ART) which is actually very rare people here mis-spell my name most the time.

Speaking of my school,
it's a bit interesting...
we have a dress code. we wear SALWAR SUIT which is a traditional wear of India and it's CREEPY. hate to wear that.
We're not even allowed to wear western outfits in school in case when we have to wear civil dresses.

Our school principle, she's a nun, her name is Lissy Augustine. She's so mean and creepy and dangerous. Everyone hates her. and she deserves all that hating. Everyone calls her "Badi Bhaisi" which quite means "a big bitch" in hindi and "Choti Bhaisi" for our vice-principle which probably means "small bitch" hehe!

I'm in 10th grade, and I'm not really familiar with this class, because every year all the students shuffle and go into different sections which already happened to me this year. I'm in 10th A and my BFF is in 10th C and we only get to meet each other in recess, that how sucking it is.

Speaking of my crush, I'm not mentioning his name. But I'll call him "C" as in crush just for now. He's the most cutest guy I've ever seen (not cuter than one direction :P)and I'm all speechless when I even stand in front of him. he's a magic.

My best friend, her name is Shivani. We call her Shiva.
She's awesome. Sweet and she has this sort of nature that she just GETS YOU and makes you like her.
Love her :D

Music is really something which chills me.
I love Taylor Swift.
I love One Direction
I love Maroon 5

so i just guess thats it..
I'll keep writing.

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