A Nun
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2012-04-23 18:07:51 (UTC)

Monday 23 , 476

I've never wrote in a diary before but i just decided to try today .
I woke up to a most beauteous morning . I prayed to God this morning before i started my day then went down stairs to see if the i had to wash or cook for the monastery today , but it seems that Sister Christine has went down before me . So since she has done my woke for me I had to go outside and work in the garden and start raising our vegetables and grains for the convent . Then i had to down down in the seller and producing wine we used over 300 boxes of grapes and transformed them into wine . It wasn't even noon yet and i was off to work . I had to Provide medical care for the community and education for novices . I enjoy helping the community its really life changing . Father used to have me Spinning , spin or weave and embroidery . Embroidery was my favorite thing to do during the day but during lent i had to give it up . I decided that if i gave it up during lent i can give it up for a while . Since i gave embroidery up i started illuminating manuscripts . Its really fun and i do it every night before bed .