I wish I was a Cat
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2012-04-21 22:48:40 (UTC)

General Information

If you're reading this, you should feel honored. You've been chosen as one of the few lucky people to read about my incredibly amazing life. Topics including: my intriguing social life, my ridiculously dysfunctional family, and of course...my cats.

Anyway, My name is Katrina, and I live in the most boring state ever, Maryland, holllaaaa. I'm 16 years old, and I have 2 sisters and....a brother (kind of) I just like to pretend my mom picked up the wrong dumbleheaded baby from the hospital, but sadly, I saw pictures of said dumbleheaded baby exiting my mothers birth canal. Unfortunately, it was the right one.

Here is a short summary of all my best friends, that significantly contribute to my life.


Sara and I met about 3 years ago, in private school. When I first met her, I hated her passionately but now, she is my bro, my lesbian lover, and most importantly my sister thats not actually related to me. Sara and I are very alike personality wise, except for she's much cooler and has a cooler boyfriend. In terms of physical stature, Sara towers over me by a good 8-9 inches. When me and her hang out, shit happens. Awesome shit to be more specific.


I should probably mention him, considering he's my boyfriend and such. I'll give you the quick run down of the complex attributes of Torrey. He loves math, lets be honest, this kid is a nerd by definition. I think along with all of my other friends, I can tell you many entertaining stories about him, but we'll save that for later.


Justin is pretty much an awesome person. It all started about 9 months ago, I was bored on Omegle chat, and the first thing he said, was not 'asl' or 'M horny 17'. no. He was much too cool for that. He asked me what my favorite song was, and it was all down hill from there. We talk for hours on end, occasionally piss eachother off, and discuss extremely awkward subjects.


Holly...Holly is actually one of the nicest people in the entire world. She's only gotten mad at me and all my shenigans once before in the year we've been friends..which is pretty impressive. Me and Holly met in physics last year, she sat next to me and gave me all the answers, which immediately deemed her my bestfriend. We spend our days pretending like we're about to study, when in reality, we play just dance and bake cakes and other lucious foods.


Oh hannah...where to start. She is perhaps one of the most confusing and ridiculous human beings I have ever met, but at the same time, she understands me, and we do completely random things together. Oh and whenever I go to her house, she always has the best food ever, including but not limited to: 5 pound bags of sourpatch kids, delicious iced tea, and a constant supply of spongebob macaroni and cheese.

There's some other people, but they aren't as significant in the process of telling my lifes story.

Also, I play Lacrosse, Softball, Soccer, Volleyball and some other random stuff.

OH MY GOSH I ALMOST FORGOT. My cats. They pretty much make my world go 'round. My first cat (my favorite) is named Mac, or Mac Daddy. He is pretty much a dainty sophistcated prince and he listens to my problems.

The other one, Sophie, I don't actually like much. She portrays the characteristics of a fat gluttonous man, she eats and eats and eats. But in some ways she is the cat version of me, which is why I haven't disowned her fatass.

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