2012-04-20 22:14:50 (UTC)

okay . i love him .

i am about to sit here, and write an ENTIRE diary entry about Spencer . and honestly, i have NO CLUE how long itll be . so here it goes .

i love this kid <3 with all my heart . hes the nicest, sweetest, most amazing guy ever . hes always there for me when i need it . hes an AMAZING listner . hes soo nice to me . he always calls me beautiful and he makes me feel better about myself . he makes me feel confident . id be sooo lost without him ! <3 he always tells me how he loves and misses me . i get good night andd morning texts ...EVERYDAY ! he knows when im not okay like 5 minutes into our conversation . he always asks whats wrong, and tries to make it better . hes perfect ...or at least to me . hes one of the most important people in my life . i love him to death . i miss him like crazy . i wish i could see him more . we go to different schools, but we are going to the same high school . he makes me feel important to the world . he always tells me how he just wants to hug me and never let go . <3 he calls me beautiful ..he calls me his perfect angel ...his girl ...babe . i love it and him <3 ....i really would ...like die without this kid . <3 fo real . i like need him in my life . the other day, i went to school without eyeliner on and i NEVER do tht . ig he just made me feel so pretty and confident tht i didnt need it, i just didnt wear it . and i actually felt pretty . hes amazing . and yall can be like 'there are better boys than that' or 'hes just another one of those guys' and blah, blah, blah . but just keep talking your shit because i love him with everything i have . i would take a bullet for this kid . NONE of you understand what i feel for him <3 i love him .