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2012-04-18 21:28:53 (UTC)


Instead of writing stuff here I ended up just leaving a txt file open and adding on it whenever and now I finally decided to copy it here.

31.3 17:21
Read: Zetman, AKB49 Renai Kinshi Jourei, Umi no Misaki and Fairy Tail
Zetman is great
AKB49:RKJ is kind of nice but I get why I didn't read it when I first learned about it.
Umi no Misaki is all nice and sweet mostly. It doesn't seem to have any of the crap that I usually dislike about romance-comedies and even though it isn't exactly very original I like it.
Fairy Tail feels a lot like some kind of fantasy One Piece except worse and more boring but I don't hate it or anything.

Also I did read the few chapters of Antimagia available and it didn't really leave a strong impression but I guess I'll still read more of it.
Ganota no Onna I forgot about also. It's great even though I've never watched Gundam.

Oh interesting. Oniichan Control and Karin were made by the same person :o

1.4 16:20
I'm doushiro
Ocha Nigosu
Hekikai no Aion

I'm Doushirou and Ocha Nigosu are both by Nishimori Hiroyuki(I loved Tenshi na Konamaiki) and nice but they're all kind of samey.
Hekikai no Aion is cool.

Also few more volumes of I am hero got translated. It's still awesome.

I feel like I'm reading way too much manga...

2.4 7:46
Feeling a bit different today. I think it'd be nice to actually program something, but I have only read up to v16 of Fairy Tail...

3.4 17:41
Finished reading Fairy Tail.
I think I slept badly or am just slightly feverish or something.
Apparently I hadn't added Cage of Eden or Akb49 to my watchlist.
Now I think I'll watch anime.
Also watched 1st ep of Game of Thrones s2 yesterday. It was naturally awesome.

Yesterday watched Hunter x Hunter and read Kimi no Knife.
Also Game of Thrones ep 2
And played Tribes.

dled fuck ton of manga and read a few.
C: Sword and Cornett Interesting I think.
0/6 Dude is a automaton, not bad.
11th Cat Shoujo fantasy with kind of awful art and story telling, the extra had some better stuff
13 Club Kind of interesting horrorish stories but not that good
14R Bunch of nice shoujo by Maki Youko
3D Material very good serious oneshot
And a few other less interesting oneshots

read Vagabond and 17-sai

100% Perfect Girl was interesting, had plenty of interesting drama, of course everyone loved the main character for no reason but who cares.

360 Degrees Material is nice.

1001 Nights is nice.
No internet :(
Blade of Darkness is nice(but menu graphics don't work well)
Tried to play Silver but it didn't work maybe I should try with XP.

Still no internet.
I'll mod Driftmoon and do something else.
Maybe go for a walk, play gb games, play VtM:B, Blade of Darkness, KoDP, PoPtSoT, BGaE or AoE.
Played Bastion it's nice but saves rarely.
7 Senchi is kind of nice.

1001 Nights was good.
1999 Shanghai seems nice.
Played mostly Crysis 2 and random gb games for the last few days.
I think I like EYE more than Crysis 2 in general, but I should probably play the 1st one too since I hear it's better.

I really should do something more "productive".
I think I should just try to make something different than the tower thing in Driftmoon. Maybe work on the forest idea and bossses.
I think all I've really done today so far is read RPS and a bit of TIGS feedback section(The Love Letter by axcho and knivel is cool).
I was going to play Tribes, Crysis 2 or EYE but hmm maybe I could actually mod Driftmoon or something. Or maybe not...
Also why the hell am I modding Driftmoon? Sure it has very nice scripting system that allows making all kinds of neat stuff easily but I'd much rather do pixel graphics, interesting online features and either turn based or more actiony controls. So I think I really should be learning python or using openLegends(was OpenZelda) instead of dicking around with it. But I think I'll still try to make a some sort of good game with it.

Yay! Confirmation that I got into Salem Beta.
Darks Souls sounds cool.
I think I'll play Tribes or something.
Played some Blockscape and Uberdark

Hmm I have Avadon from some indie bundle and Avernum doesn't sound too bad, but I'm not sure if I want to play either of them.
I wonder how good of idea it would be to port Spelunky to Python,(for Linux version) been thinking about every so often since for a while.