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2012-04-18 05:31:33 (UTC)

The Good ol' days!

Ever said to a friend "just like the good ol' days"? I'm talking about back when you we're a kid and you didn't have any worries except where to have fun. The days where a friend was a friend because you guys got along and liked the same things not for what they can get from you. But then you get older and those so called friends turn their back and everything falls into pieces. Life become so unbearable that frankly you could careless if you didn't wake up in the morning. Life gives you the short end of the stick and everyone on earth counts on you to be perfect and live to their standards when all you really wanna be is yourself. Everything becomes a thing of the past eventually but we still wish we could go back and change things. But then something hppens...that certain person walks into your life. Someone who loves you for you. Someone who comes before everyone because they understand what the rest of the world never gets...you! They take away the pain of bad past experiances and never fails to make your heart skip a beat. They're the first thing you think of when you go to bed and wake up. A person who makes your past seem like you did everything right because you ended up in their arms and have they're love. How they can do no wrong and life just stands still when your with them. But still life changes and you and your loved one start arguing and you feel less and less close to them. Everything you built is falling apart and you can't stop it. You only think about the bad things and when is he/she gonna end it. You think of when you first met and how happy you use to be. You know you want to be with them but don't know if they wanna be with you. But every day you see them its like the first time you met and when they leave all your happiness goes with them. And one day its all over. Everything you worked for is gone. And the only thing you have is your memory of the good old days. When it was just you and him...happy. If its love hold on to it...you might not find another shot at it.

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