Because I'm totally straight.
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2012-04-15 19:11:18 (UTC)


Today I got my first period, and boy, was it a heavy flow. Make a note! 15th April I start my period. I had slept round Millie's and there was a little blood but when I got home and went to the toilet it was like a waterfall :) I bet I'm still gushing now! Anyway, thats about it. Me and Millie went to the park and we trekked all the way to Beth's house to find that she wasn't allowed out. She has to do homework. STUPID SCHOOL!!! Speaking of school, we go back tomorrow! Yay, NOT!! I have maths, and dance, but I can't do dance, I've broken my ankle. We also have our jabs on Friday!! We've had 2 so far and this is our last one. It's compulsory for all year 8s x Night Night x

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