2012-04-15 14:39:59 (UTC)

China Sunday

-just got home; went to "out home" yesterday; couldn't go to sleep until 4pm Friday night; dad was at old place organizing stuffs; woke up at noon; got ready; went to nail; then hair; going to hanko at 4; yun was there already before me waiting i think; checked in hotel; got the executive room 1230rmb special b/c i thought we would have spent over 200rmb on dinner anyways; yun gave me money for last time and this time; had sex before we head to vip lounge; had a decent meal; back to the room; 2nd time; then talked and watched tv; nipples and boobs were sore again; i'm afraid this time is for real; but whats bad is i'm not sure whose child? hubian or yun? shit, how careless i am--always! with so many abortions, i don't know if i can get a successful pregnancy when i want to one day; also there was something wrong with my bb, couldn't get it to charge; so that i couldn't rest well the whold night, keep thinking the bb problem and the pregnant problem; woke up at 5am; yun got up at 7:30 then breakfast next door; i tried to sleep more and got up at 9:30 to go breakfast; sleepy after, wnated to cancel w/t lele; checked out hotel before 4; decided to still shop w/t lele; was a bad decision; she brought the daughter; we had hotpot dinner; couldn't shop night market well--too many ppl anyways; drove them home; decided to go zhonghualu night market; bought tester on the way; shopped 1 hour, bought couple things; came home at 10pm; did the test but the result is not too clear, but i think it's positive--shit, do i do it at a hospital or take med at home?