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2012-04-14 13:56:25 (UTC)

what i dreamt last night

I dreamt that it was the end of the world last night. I was on holiday somewhere hot, and deserty and sparse, and a prediction which junior had made a while before was coming true.

It was the whole famliy, and junior was there too for some reason. I saw that there was tension a pause or something and then when I asked what was happening, they said it's supposed to be the world's end today. we watched a plane take off, clear blue skies so you could see everything. it was pakistani airlines for some reason - and i remember thinking of sitting at the airport in muscat and seeing all those pakistanis at the boarding gate next to ours, board their flight - the plane rose into the air, as they do, and not long after it did, it tumbled backwards (still in the air) flipping and fell to the ground. after that happened i knew it was the end of the world and everyone was saying that junior's prediction had come true, and how had he known.

then fast forward a few hours later still dreaming, and i was with the family again, this time we were in the visitors room in our house in benin. what we were doing there i find hard to recall, but we ended up in a hotel room in another country again all of us. i remember waking up feeling really annoyed at my daddy. I remember him stifling our/my freedom in the dream and giving his asshole behaviour. i also remember white bedsheets being used for some reason.

I remember being in the garden area in red maids, all victorian and magical, the way i love to remember it. then some clear channel people for some reason where there, and there was to be a big dinner a 3 course dinner, and i was allowed to attend. but because the decision to allow me to attend was late, i hadn't filled submitted my choice for the 3 course dinner. rchl and another annoying lady were there. both seemed at first to be trying to help me out, but i remember realisin that they werem't on my side and weren't trying to help me out - they just wanted some private information about me. they were lingering.

later on, i was in denmark hall still rms, except this time i was being a nuisance to someone and running away from there. feels like it may have been at a rehearsal for a theatre production or something.

there was more to this dream, especially in the case of my daddy - i got irritated in the dream but i'm not sure what he did. i know it was to do with him not letting me/us do something.